Idiot Islamists - Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Idiot Islamists - Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

It's all over the news. Here, for example: Gunmen Kill At Least 12 In ‘Terrorist Attack’ At French Satirical Newspaper

So these idiots were able to kill 12 in a surprise attack on a newspaper.

I hope they are prepared for the backlash. This is going to get ugly for them and their kind.

Real ugly.

I mean radical Islamists, not peaceful Muslims--but these are going to suffer in the West, too. There's no way I can see to stop it.

I wonder how Europe is now going to feel about mounting a coalition war against ISIS. I predict this is not too far off. Will Europe have a stomach for it? The idiot thugs just answered that question.

In compensation, we can take solace in the profound precept of our fearless leader, Barack Hussein Obama, a couple of years ago when he intentionally practiced--and preached--oppression of free speech:

The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

Obama got his wish with the staff at Charlie Hebdo.

The dead don't have a future.

And don't tell me he didn't want this: How President Obama Sold Out Charlie Hebdo.

But now he can backtrack and go to war to benefit his own cronies. Power has its perks.

This is revolting on so many levels, I want to spit.

Let me say something different than fearless leader.

The future does not belong to terrorists and politicians who appease evil. Nor perpetual war machines.


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If the "good", "moderate" Muslims do not get busy on rooting this out of their communities they are going to suffer for the evil done by the few. The ball is in their court.

Right now in Germany there are very noisy people who, if they had their way, would start putting Muslims in freight cars and shipping them god knows where.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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I can't think of a single good thing that has resulted from Islamic immigration to the west.

I just saw on CNN that there have been 4 plots in recent years to attack cartoonists or newspapers by Jihadists that have been thwarted.


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An idiot left his ID behind in the car they abandoned.

This is so stupid you have to wonder if it was deliberate.

I'd say carelessness from ignorance but if they had handlers the handlers might have wanted them taken down. On such an operation you carry no ID and come in completely clean. Your leader will watch you strip naked and put on neutral clothes. Afterwords all the clothes get burned and weapons disposed of. The abandoned car is set on fire, outside and in, to destroy any evidence. The car itself is stolen just for that operation. Instead of such meticulousness it seems like more a standard military operation in which soldiers don't have to care about DNA, fingerprints and police investigation.


it's possible the at large suspects are dead and not suicides--they had real military skills, not mere blow yourself up skills, and the basic incompetence of Muslims wanting to rule the world is staggering for all they need or needed to do is immigrate and breed and not cause much call for alarm--but young men want to fight--the fight is the thing for they will have nothing to do of any moral significance unless they fight so if they beat their enemies they'll turn on themselves--some already have--if only for the sake of having enemies you can cold-bloodily kill, rape and loot--even children and babies--all with dispensation from God (Christians did this when they made the streets of Jerusalem literally run with blood)

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I'm surprised at how much I agree with Bill O'Reilly here.


I'm not surprised that we agree, but surprised that he said it so clearly.


People, especially the left, have no solution for Islamist violent jihad. And when they talk about moderate Muslims, they are hiding behind this talk to mask their lack of solution (and--I suspect--cowardice in many). 



In our neck of the woods, bigots tend to keep solutions from even being discussed by the intensity of their hatred. They squawk when they can, but they generally have no solutions either. However, if a final solution to Muslims were attempted (like the Germans tried with Jews), I have little doubt they would look the other way, maybe even with pleasure in their hearts.


I want to add there is another part to this--how the USA got in bed with a lot of bloody dictators in third world countries and this really pissed off people who were damaged by the different secret polices (that the USA also trained). I have seen this in South America with my own eyes. I have no reason to believe it was different in the Middle East.


These are two separate issue, but they tend to feed one another. 


Regardless, both are important.


And the solution to both has to be treated seriously.



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The sword of consequences always cuts at least two ways and always cuts the wielder even if the wound isn't visible.

The Muslims merely had to wait until demographics let them take over and dominate France. Now they may all get their asses kicked.


of course, for them the fight's the thing--so they'll get one

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Amongst other things, "Human" rights have brought France and other countries to this point: the distinction between your willingly respecting the individual right of any person to privately practise whatever ideology he wants, and - the 'right' he has to demand your explicit respect for that ideology itself--has been long forgotten. Human rights as practised today are after all, not much more than "claims" on others.

Voltaire's biographer distilled this well known quote from his life's writings and convictions-

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it". That's the difference.

It's a principle - not whatever concrete ideology, situation or people- something which is lost on Europe's progressivist, non-conceptualists.

In a free society, one doesn't have the right to not be offended, or for your beliefs to not be "disapproved of". Period.

In fact, one has the right to be prejudiced, irrational as it is (but never intervention on people themselves). And the right to indifference.

But as leftists and Statists, many Europeans' only moral recourse (avoiding hurting anybody's feelings, and scared of 'recriminations') is the cry "Freedom of the Press!" Of course, but nowhere near enough.

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