Awesome Talk with Ray Bradbury--The Meaning of Life

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Actually I think Popeye comes pretty close to my chosen view."I am"( primacy of existence) "what I am" (consciousness, identification) "and that's all that I am"( man as an integration of physical body and spirit, with a limiting factor too, "all" in the inclusive and limiting sense) that spinach is some powerful stuff

Ok, you're that which consciously identifies with the words you just wrote. But can you empirically prove the existence of spirit?(jeez... sounding like a secularist now :wink: )Greg
I am what consciously identifies with the words I wrote, and at the same time liver,kidneys and toenails, yes?

I equate spirit here with consciousness/awareness , and no spirit can not be empirically proven. Consciousness/awareness is axiomatic.

Thanks. Wasn't disagreeing with you. Just wanted you to clarify what you meant about spirit. I also agree that there is no proof, as our own personal experience is more of effects (conscious awareness) than causes (spirit).


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This post is going to be offensive to some, but it is relevant.

About a week ago, I finally read Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing: Essays on Creativity. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. I intend to read it another five or six times. Bradbury discusses his own works, but more importantly, the processes he used in writing them. 

I liked this book so much, including the videos of him in this thread, I went on YouTube to see other talks by him. When I filtered for most views, lookee here what I found with about 5 million and a half views.

Lahwdee lawhdee... Mah wurd...

What's more, Bradbury was still alive when this was made. Rachel Bloom ended up meeting him.

And he saw the video. According to reports, he liked it. (I mean, how could he not? :) )

Here he is at 90 years old, one year before he died, watching it.


This, I submit, is the way to go out.

Poor Ayn Rand. All she had around at the end was Peikoff.



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