What's with the drug ads. Can you stop them?

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Pills? Drugs? what is going on?

There is a lot of money to be made by peddling poison.

Are you implying that the spamming is being approved by Michael?

He hasn't caught on to it yet. He doesn't ride herd over the board 24/7.

Someome managed to get through the spam filter checks. People shouldn't respond on the spam threads.


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I could never understand what motivates shitheads like "Wesley Krysinski," who posted all the spam today. Perhaps a bot is doing all the work, but if it is a real person, what does he expect to accomplish? Even if a reader is interested in purchasing drugs over the Internet, the manner of presenting all those ads indicates that they are rip-off scams to which only an incurable fool would give his/her credit card info. And if the spammer really thinks he might actually attract customers, then he is more of a moron than the fish he hopes to hook. I suppose all this comes down to playing the odds. If you post enough spam in enough places, you might get a few bites.


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Sad to say, but spammers make a lot of money.

OL was one of just thousands of forums he must have done that to. Here it didn't work but imagine a forum devoted to celebrities, games, or things like that. Especially forums targeted to early teens on up to early twenties.

The program he probably used is called XRumer.

I shouldn't say, but what the hell. I thought of buying this thing (I know where to get it at a discount), but I couldn't figure out how to use it in a manner other than spam. And I'm not interested in doing spam.

I do own a program I got at a bargain basement price at the time called Scrapebox, which is mostly used for spamming comments on blogs. It has some powerful SERP gathering and filtering algorithms that can be used in all kinds of legitimate ways. But the learning curve is pretty high and being the geek disaster I am, I have yet to use it (well, I did once a while back for some research and it was marvelous. But I got a "recipe" like instruction for it at the time.) The sad truth about me is that overly-technical stuff bores the crap out of me. :)

Hell, I don't make use of 98% of the resources on my cell phone, and I have a simple version without a camera. I learned the computer more-or-less and that was just about my limit. I always feel I need to fix this subconscious attitude, but my procrastination muscle gets spasms every time I try. :)


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