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Mr D. Bandler has disclosed that he is the subject of the recently-published "Men on Strike", by Dr Mrs Dr Helen Smith.

As a self-described "Beta Male" Mr Bandler describes his experiences as a victim of the societal changes of the last four decades of the 20th century, specifically the "disruption of normal human mating practices." Had he come of age in the 50's, he would have been "settled for" by a very pretty wife and had two or three children with her . Instead he got the "let's just be friends" routine from the '90s coeds he lusted for,and suffered frustration and rejection until he discovered a magic technique that enabled him to have sex with thousands of girls.

Now that he knows why it all happened, he fears it is too late for him to find true fulfillment in a normal mating practice. The Alpha girl who spurned him in college would settle for him now, but as he says poignantly, sure she'd marry me now, but who wants a 36-year-old?

Bandler is no longer a man to be settled for, or to settle himself for less than his highest values.

Some might find his views unsettling, but I have a family friend in the Phillipines

who is desperate to get to the States and doesn't know much English, and they might not bother her much. She's very pretty.

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The Alpha girl who spurned him in college would settle for him now, but as he says poignantly, sure she'd marry me now, but who wants a 36-year-old?

A 36-year-old alpha female!

Is there any known way I can get in contact with her?

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lol you know Doug better than I do. I'm sure he has an alumni newsletter somewhere.

I haven't visited SOLO for quite some time, but given your OP, Doug seems to be up to his usual zany antics.

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Baal, as you have shown an interest, I have done extensive research and the technique Dog learned was "learned charisma" based on a book by someone who teaches seduction. I guess those thousands of conquests were mostly non-readers.

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Doug Bandler's particular fears and hatreds come into focus with his passionately whiny blamefest at SOLO. Also in focus is the state policy implications, the state being the Principality of Linz.

Blame women for your lack of love and partnership. Blame ahistorical nonsense phrases and fiends in human guises. Lay the blame on with a big fat brush.

What's happened in the last 60 years is that a number of societal conditions have radically changed from anything seen in human history. They are:

1) female birth control
2) woman's careerism
3) abortion
4) easy access divorce
5) anti-man child custody laws
6) anti-man marital property laws
7) man-hating feminism
8 ) anti-man economic policies driven by the evil Left
9) the total elimination of anti-slut, anti-promiscuity social shaming dynamics
10) the encouragement by feminism of female empowerment through promiscuity (i.e. "Sex and the City")

The result is that three generations of women have adjusted their mating strategies.

Psychologically, Bandler's expositions illustrate, perhaps, what a middling achiever can do to get his game together, that game being Life, and the interim, pending life goal being to acquire a love partner for a long haul through parenthood -- while still viewing women as objects to be attached to his penis.

What can we learn from Doug and his claque? We already knew he was plenty cranky and bigoted, and that he was swift to kick out at imagined demons who had stood in his path or thwarted his desires. And we knew that the weedy lot at SOLO is at times nothing more than a crankfest.

I think I can learn a little compassion for those who fall down and cannot ever stand tall again -- in their own self-estimation. The three generations of evul leftish women changes means -- we hear -- that Doug cannot find a mate.

How sad for him. How funny his words are on the surface.

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Bill, that is why I put it in Entertainment but not Humour. His misogyny and racism are not funny.

But the guy is honest, he really believes there are solid rational bases to his misogyny and racism. It is hard not to feel sorry for someone who obviously really has suffered emotionally, and is now sailing the seas, looking for landfall at Atlantis or Galt's Gulch, aboard the USS Caine.

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Just what did he do to get laid that often?


It's all over the culture.

Start here: The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists by Neil Strauss. There is a veritable PUA industry out there worth boocoo bucks. Lots of different PUA gurus, too. David D'Angelo. Mystery. Ross Jeffries. And so on.

PUA means "pick up artist."

I skimmed the post by Bandler. It sounds like he's into this stuff.

I don't use it other than for my persuasion studies, but I know it works when women don't perceive it and the PUA stacks the techniques as he plays on female insecurities and primitive-level attractions. This stuff doesn't work with 100% women, but it works a lot.

(An interesting takeoff is a dude who applied the principles to business--venture capitalism pitching--and wrote a book about it: Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff. Oren used to live next to the PUA group Strauss ran with and he was always picking their brains about covert manipulation.)

In fact, I knew there was something about Bandler's posts that sounded awfully familiar. It used to bug me. Now I know. He does some of the techniques in his posting rhetoric. (Especially his nonstop verbal peacocking.) If I get bored, I might break some of it down as a case study. But this isn't a top priority...

As a curiosity, this might explain Carol's mild obsession with Bandler. Her lizard brain (the primitive part of the brain) can't help herself. :smile:


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, lol, it is even worse than that. I am irresistibly drawn to the posts of the Principal himself, the Linzard King! I gaze upon the benevolent countenance behind the mighty thoughts and drift into a trancelike state...

Nor am I alone. Dear Leader has recently shared that women (or "anchovies" as he delightfully dubs us) have always thrown themselves at him even though they knew he was gay. Not just when he was young and handsome either, but now, when he is old and ugly.

Inspired by the discipleship of DB, much as Rand was by NB, Mr. Charisma is readying a new KASS version of Objectivism stressing the importance of misogyny, racism and Islamophobia. This will give humanity one last chance to save itself, and hasten the day when "millions of morons get their just desserts" (sic).

And sick.

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