Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory


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I don't know what to make of this... there seems to be a lot about the Sandy Hook massacre being a hoax popping up on the Internet, but I was not aware until just now.

Is it possible? I didn't really like the video, but the part about people running scams to profit from dead family members seems very suspicious.

I have never really got behind a conspiracy theory, and this particular video seems manipulative at times, but it caught my attention.

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Why in heaven's name would you provide a sounding board for this type of insanity?


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Glenn Beck just did a whole show debunking this madness.

Detached from the truth? Conspiracy Theory TV special sets the record straight on Sandy Hook

Glenn's position is that when you step into this level of paranoia, you end up working for the people behind real conspiracies because:

1. You discredit anyone connected with you, including those who question the government in other matters, and

2. You get the public to pay attention to garbage instead of real trouble, like war or government gun-running, for instance.

The government loves when this kooky stuff crops up. It gets the public eye off the government's true misbehavior.

There is a toxic effect he pointed out, too. When people stop believing in everything on principle, and start suspecting ulterior motives in everything on principle, they end up not being able to do anything at all. They have sabotaged their own minds. In an O-Land way of saying it, epistemologically, they have flat-lined their standards of hierarchy (all knowledge being hierarchical).

The government really loves this way of thinking in its opponents. It's party time in the madhouse and the halls of power.


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Correct Michael.

I am, frankly, astounded by how susceptible "allegedly" "rational" folks fall prey to this kind of, to be kind, "foolishness."


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I've been lied to about some pretty serious things in my life.  I leave a lot of things in the unknown category that most people would take the word of others and put in the true category. Whether an event is true or not... know the media is not liable for communication of truth, it is only entertainment.

The mainstream news is funded by the powers that be, who print the monopoly money that slaves work for.  Individual mainstream media companies may sway a little from core purpose on less important matters.  But they all exist for the same purpose: to program the brains of slaves.

What message was written into the brains of slaves with this video?

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1 hour ago, deanwins said:

What message was written into the brains of slaves with this video?


I'll give it a go.

But I will only talk about the video here, not the event itself. I didn't see the event with my own eyes and I don't want to get sucked into a mess where a lot of monied interests presented nonstop conflicting stories over months and years.

But the video as a media message tool? That particular video the day after the Sandy Hook shooting is disturbing in many ways.


The most disturbing for me is not the man laughing before the press conference, but the convert message that you can use anything--even the death of your child--to virtue signal for the camera. Witnessing in the name of a controlled narrative is the highest good, so to speak, especially if there is a camera for the flock to see you doing it.

The guy spoke about God, who I presume he believes in, but his message was all about how virtuous he was. Not even about how much sacrifice he just endured or asking for mercy or reasons for the tragedy or the strength to bear his pain on losing his little girl. Instead, I saw a message about how he, even in a moment like this, can be concerned about the killer, the family of the killer, and the families of the other victims.


From a Randian perspective, I want to say this is an example of altruism at work, but I see something deeper in the human psyche. Propaganda? Narcissism? Or just plain weird behavior?

I can't read his mind, I only have his signals to go on. And his signals, to me, are not those of a grieving parent speaking about his pain of loss and God. His signals send out vibes of his message being scripted, not by philosophy or religion, but scripted to sell a controlled narrative.

Was the script from puppetmasters or from some innate urge in the human brain? 

I see a case for either--or both at the same time.


On the urge level, this was before social media addiction algorithms kicked in big time. This video is a precursor of what society became after addiction algorithms groomed social media users. Going by the signals alone (and I admit I might be wrong), I get the sense that the urge behind this video is the same as the urge of people who take pictures of their food to show others what they are eating. People who only show a polished and stylized version of themselves for the camera and bask in the glow of public interest.

The video doesn't look like a message of grief and bewilderment and outrage to me. It looks a lot more like the following message: This is me grieving.


For the slaves (to use your term :) ), or from the puppetmasters, I see the main covert message being that controlled narrative is more important than reality. So accept the narrative from the media. Don't use your mind. Use the emotions prompted by the narrative as a replacement.


I also think suing Alex Jones was not an act of aggression by the Predator Class, but an act of frustration that the narrative did not take with everyone and did not result in disarming the public through gun control. If they can't sell the controlled narrative through the media, then, by God, they will resort to guns and force people to believe. All they did, though, was create a shit-show of people yelling at each other and propaganda. 

We tend to forget about the government guns pointed at Alex due to the horrific gun slaughter of children. But the government has its hands on a lot of guns aimed at unarmed people, including the citizens it is supposed to protect...

And it will use those guns as a bully when the individuals in control of the government believe they can get away with it.


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