Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory

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I don't know what to make of this... there seems to be a lot about the Sandy Hook massacre being a hoax popping up on the Internet, but I was not aware until just now.

Is it possible? I didn't really like the video, but the part about people running scams to profit from dead family members seems very suspicious.

I have never really got behind a conspiracy theory, and this particular video seems manipulative at times, but it caught my attention.

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Why in heaven's name would you provide a sounding board for this type of insanity?


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Glenn Beck just did a whole show debunking this madness.

Detached from the truth? Conspiracy Theory TV special sets the record straight on Sandy Hook

Glenn's position is that when you step into this level of paranoia, you end up working for the people behind real conspiracies because:

1. You discredit anyone connected with you, including those who question the government in other matters, and

2. You get the public to pay attention to garbage instead of real trouble, like war or government gun-running, for instance.

The government loves when this kooky stuff crops up. It gets the public eye off the government's true misbehavior.

There is a toxic effect he pointed out, too. When people stop believing in everything on principle, and start suspecting ulterior motives in everything on principle, they end up not being able to do anything at all. They have sabotaged their own minds. In an O-Land way of saying it, epistemologically, they have flat-lined their standards of hierarchy (all knowledge being hierarchical).

The government really loves this way of thinking in its opponents. It's party time in the madhouse and the halls of power.


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Correct Michael.

I am, frankly, astounded by how susceptible "allegedly" "rational" folks fall prey to this kind of, to be kind, "foolishness."


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