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No contradiction here; much of Appalachia has come back from the destructive mining and logging practices of a century or more ago and probably looks better than untouched wilds would. Franklin Toker's Fallingwater Rising is a good source on this.

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The folks filming The Last of the Mohicans couldn't believe they weren't surrounded by old growth forest.


The replanting of the Blue Ridge was started under the FDR Administration. The CCC did a lot of work on that.

The forest has not been clear cut since 1934 and is almost back to primary phase (forest prior to lumbering).

The photos of the Blue Ridge reduced almost to bare soil by clear cutting is enough to make a non-sentimental person such as I weep and gnash his teeth. It was wicked and wrong to clear cut. One can harvest lumber without destroying the entire forest.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Imagine that.

A good hunk of eight different USA states was deforested and laid barren and FDR brought it all back to life in a few short years.

And I grew up in the middle of that mountain range and never even heard about it.

FDR was one hell of a president.


Come on folks. Some devastation, OK. But does anyone have any idea about the size of that mountain range?

As a kid, I hated when my folks took the Blue Ridge Parkway (the part connected called Skyline Drive) because there was nothing but trees--lots and lots and lots of trees--and a winding road that never ended.

Incidentally, I remember my folks and aunts and uncles talking about the FDR construction projects. They called them "make work" jobs, by which they meant work that did not need to be done, but FDR was looking out for them. That was their perception.

I don't recall anyone lamenting a lack of a tree. Whenever we had to pee, there was always one around. :)


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Nice limerick - perfect for St. Pat's Day!

I have some completely obscene ones.


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