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I keep getting a "You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day."

Is there a way to correct this within my own settings? Thanks!

~ Shane

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It's what happens when you click the "Like This" box below posts.

I would guess the feature is disabled, which might not be a bad thing...

Actually, when it is accompanied by the 'liker's' name it is OK - but when "Dislike This" is an added option, AND, anonymous too, it gives me the creeps. :cool:


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I did disable rating users.

Group-think and peer pressure are not part of OL's purpose and rating users is a form of peer pressure.

What's more, we live in a subcommunity that sometimes thrives on people anonymously spiking rating results. For example, you can see this on Amazon for most any book dealing with Ayn Rand. I once remember on RoR an "activism" project where people were encouraged to spike the rating results on another site (if I remember correctly, it involved some kind of contest with political cartoons). And then there was the sheer pettiness of the PARC ordeal all over the interwebs. A few other instances within the subcommunity come to mind.

Since intentionally gaming a system to present a false survey result to the public is at the root of this stuff, I dislike it. Objectivism is supposed to include a moral alternative to religion. Heh. When folks game a system to present a lie, all I can think is, "Some morality. Huh?"

To me, you are truly moral when you do good and nobody is looking. Moreover, you do not take advantage of anonymity to do bad.

I just clicked the "Like This" button for the very first time and got the same message Shane did. Apparently, disabling user ratings affected it. That's fine by me. Later I may look into this feature and see if it can be used in a non-icky way.

(btw - Please do not construe this as any criticism of Shane. I think he is one of the very good guys among the good guys.)


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Thanks, Michael. I appreciate the kind sentiment :) I have seen this feature in the older version of your site (I like the upgrade, btw) but had never used it. There was a comment I liked and my intention was to say just that without having to bump the thread or add a comment to say what the button could do just as easy.

I didn't know if it was something with my account or like you stated, a disabled feature. I'm good with that.

~ Shane

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