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  1. Yes, Michael. he's pathetic. Sometimes, he's so out of it, it's like he's saying stuff deliberately. But to me, he's also scary.
  2. Carol, i was older than 15. Embarrassing. But I had a system. since I grew up believing President and Mrs. Kennedy was god-like, and since I couldn't picture Jackie having sex, I decided the information I had must be wrong. how's that for sex education? Blessed be the libraries and their books.
  3. A while back, I had to fly with a broken shoulder and my arm in a sling. The TSA lady was nice about about, but she sure insisted on feeling around inside the sling. But she was careful not to hurt. I warned her beforehand that I was in pain and would scream bloody murder if hurt.
  4. That tape is excellent. He did grow. But I think he had no choice. With or without the break, I don't think he would have survived much longer. From his description in his book about meeting Patrecia, and although he considered her not too intellectual, she was a breath of fresh air in his life that he couldn't give up. I don't think the Collective was big on fresh air.
  5. Yup. Psychology wasn't the lady's strong point. But that's okay. She had other strengths.
  6. Good point, Brant. Galt was kind of born that way. Personally, I find it more interesting to make mistakes and learn from them. And is anyone seriously saying young people don't make mistakes?
  7. Naked button. As Brandt would say, I'm not pushing any stinking naked button. At least as far as you guys will ever know. I'll try doing Johanthan's instructions, but it seems to me I've already tried that.
  8. Daunce, you're OL's rock. It's just who you are. Accept your destiny,
  9. Cathy, I'm not having a kid to help me with the computer. Maybe I should. Michael, you know I haven't a clue what you said. All I want is to upload my picture, finally. Everyone ell has a picture. I have it in Words. Anything SIMPLE I can do?
  10. Cathy, I don't think anyone doubted their closeness.
  11. Oh, I wasn't referred to Carol.
  12. Here to corrupting a swwet lady. What the hell. Let her have some fun.
  13. Being an immigrant, I fully endorse.
  14. I just saw this. I think Peikoff could benefit from good mental health treatment. Shall someone recommend Branden as a good doctor?