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  1. Eye could knot agree Moore. When eye was stay shunned at the navel academy, wee wood ride are bike’s two wear whee worked on a paradox bye the see, one witch was hire, and the other witch was lore. Wee had two role bear alls on them too lode are ship. Won thyme, a bear all got aweigh from me and eye saw it role on both doc’s at wants, and they’re was know slip age, at leased knot that eye could sea. Sew, their for, if sum of the four most authorities inn the whirled, such as Toe Knee oar Myrrh Linn, say their is know slip age on a paradox, eye wood knot halve grounds on witch two Kant test it. R.P.
  2. Those who consider Angelina Jolie suited to the role of Dagny are forgetting something. She is under the influence of Nathaniel Branden. Or maybe under the influence of Barbara. At least one of them. There is no doubt about this. To prove her loyalty to Ayn Rand, Ms. Jolie was asked to endorse PARC. She didn't even respond to the request. If Atlas Shrugged is made with Angelina Jolie as Dagny, she'll ruin it. From the Oort Cloud, Marcusantonius160
  3. Speaking of Farrah, watching videos of her near the end I saw her making the cross and holding a rosary. I suspect that Nathaniel Branden, via that horrible neo-mystic Ken Wilber, had something to do with this. Who else could have? Pelagius160
  4. They're dropping like flies, folks. Now boisterous pitchman Billy Mays has joined Ed, Farrah and Michael. Just think of how far Objectivism would have spread if Mays had been hired to shout "Have you read PARC?" It makes one wonder what hand the Brandens might have had in his death, and if the ShamWow Guy will be next. A security detail is being arranged for the ShamWow guy. The future of the world depends on it. Pelagius160
  5. I've reverted that post, Brant. I might re-revert it, though. Yours from the Oort cloud, Pelagius160
  6. The real "tragedy" with Michael Jackson is that he was never blessed with the opportunity to read PARC. Had this transpired, he would have discovered that the lethal drug issues that took his life were rooted in the Brandens. See, the hero he constantly "sought" was nearby, obviously Ayn Rand, not Peter Pan. But the public perception of Ms. Rand had been so distorted by the Branden books that his "handlers" would not allow her heroism near him. Michael Jackson could have been an enormous "asset" to the spread of Objectivism, but instead he got drugs and death. We can thank the Brandens for that.
  7. Is your name Madeleine? Just curious. --Brant Brant, are you a real person or a sockpuppet? Or could you be a meatpuppet? Just wondering. Pelagius160
  8. I think that if Ed McMahon had read PARC before he died, he would have thought that it was unimpeachable, professionally edited, and that Wikipedia should rate it as a reliable source. And think how more widely the message could have spread if he'd endorsed PARC. Pelagius160
  9. Is your name Madeleine? No, it wasn't "Is your name Madeleine?" I think Neil's right that it was "The Girl is Mine."
  10. I always disliked "Man in the Mirror," which expresses a mystical sense of life. The video had an image of Mother Theresa and the song has a line about a "selfish kind of love." It only takes one bad premise to ruin a song, and there's two for you. I've heard it was an attack on Anthem. Can anyone confirm that?
  11. Miss Rand was right that Farrah, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith played strong romantic characters with benevolent senses of life, and that Charlie's Angles is one of the best televisions shows of all time, but it reached its zenith when Cheryl Ladd, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts took over. They're the angles who will be remembered as The Angles. The Brandens are evil and everyone should read PARC. Pelagius160
  12. Ed, Farrah and Michael. Death comes in threes, as my Italian aunt used to say.