Happy Birthday, Jeff

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I just looked at the bottom of OL and saw a notice.

I had to rub my eyes.


It's Jeff's birthday, he's 64 and he's several years older than I am.

He is just a kid.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Happy Birthday Jeff:

25997467.bday3.gif 25997465.bday1.gif


The really scary headline is the you have the same birthday as Rush Limbaugh!



Have many more Jeff

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You must feel privileged to share your birthday with Rush.

Having a copy of Jeff Riggenbach's narrative reading of Max Stirner's The Ego and His Own (Laissez Faire Books Audio, 1994), I can state two conclusions:

1) Jeff has a much more pleasing - and authoritative - delivery style than Rush (a gross understatement, if there ever was one!);

2) Even working from an imprecise English translation (by Steven Byington) from the German, Jeff makes even Stirner's turgid prose sound like poetry (well, almost).

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Oh, by the way, Jeff. The Laissez Faire Audio edition would definitely have greatly increased its sales figures if they had used the image :blush: :blush: :blush::wub: :wub: :wub: that a Spanish anarchist site has been using for their edition of Stirner's work (an example of "creative marketing"). Now, if I could only get this senorita to deliver a birthday cake to you, in person,...

(well, I couldn't get the damn thing to copy from their website, so here is the link):


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I only noticed Selene's mention of Limbaugh on a second reading of the thread, it was hidden by thelack of space betweeen the line of text and the image above it.

No, Limbaugh's speaking voice is not particularly pleasant. I prefer Gerry Spence.

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Big giant honkin' Happy BD, J.R.!

Always have enjoyed reading you over the years.

I hope you did something Most Excellent<tm> today. Heck, make a weekend of it!



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