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but also in the patenting area, market research, getting funding, etc. I have some pretty novel, salable inventions. Most involve weaponry, because that's where my mind tends to go, but one is a martial arts training aid, that can make 10x what it costs, and every dojo and boxing gym will HAVE to buy one. Another is a full size shovel, axe, sledgehammer, pick, prybar, adze, saw, etc, that will stow in the wheel well of your spare tire. 13 or more tool in one, and you can stand up like a Caucasian, using the full leverage and stength of your 6+ ft of height, instead of crouching like a rice-paddy Asian, (5 ft of height making that a bit easier on the back). There is a folding entrenching tool that sort of 1/4 assed does most of the things my tool does, but I'd rather have the other 3/4, you know? I've done way too much physical labor in my life, to want to have to do 4x as much, just because I don't have the optimal tool. I'm sure that nearly everyone who shares my experience feels likewise.

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