is there an honest Obj dating service?


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Who the hell would want to date an "Objectivist"?

Simple mutual respect, common interests, and physical attraction are the essentials, and do not require full philosophical agreement, nor do they necessarily flow from it.

The two essential prerequisites of a successful relationship?

(1) Can you both enthousiastically enjoy watching the same shows/movies? (Or other common artistic/entertainment pursuits if neither of you likes TV/sprts/film)

(2) Does her smell without toiletries drive you wild?

If not, then move on.

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Plenty of Fish is a very good service (and free) if you know what you are doing. I met my wife there! I had never used anything before and was there for only 3 days. I guess that could be luck but I do like the way POF is structured.

Good Luck On Your Hunting Trip!


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thank you. I was aware of AtlasSphere, but not POF. I will check it out, right now. Why would an Objectivist want a romance with a non-objective type of person? I've tried it several times, and it drives me up the wall.

Objectivist and non-objective are hardly contradictories. I have found neither my counterparts' Christianity nor total lack of interest in philosophy or ideology a barrier to wonderful long-term relationships. Socialism, superstition, or a hostility to my principles might be problematic - but I have yet to meet a self-identified Objectivist whom I would want to date. Assuming you set a good example, and she actually thinks, she will come around to your way of seeing things more or less.

All the Christians in my life hold God to be an Objectivist, for example.

But I am not at all opposed to using the personals. Just focus more in that case on describing yourself than on describing your ideal mate - if she is interested in what you say about yourself you will be interested in her. I met the love of my life that way - by identifying myself as a WSOU listener!

Identify your interest in Rand among other things. Just don't limit yourself to Objectivists.

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