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I've always signed on using my email address and OL password, but just now it wouldn't let me. I went through the steps to get a new password sent to my email, and the email said my username was...something other than Ninth Doctor. I used that something with the new password, and I was able to log in, and it says I'm Ninth Doctor, as always. Maybe there's been a change to the software, I don't know where this other username came from, I'm thinking it may be a new, clever way to keep usernames from being hijacked, so I'm keeping quiet about what the new "sign on" username is. I'm sharing this in case anyone else has the same experience. I probably retyped my password 5 times thinking WTF???

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We just had an upgrade, so you might have done that during the middle of it.

Under the new IPB policy, I request and they do the upgrades, which means they decide when they will do them. (I used to do them.) I think they changed because some pirated and nulled versions of their software showed up on the torrent sites.


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