"Bernanke's Short-Term Plans Are a Long-Term Disaster"


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I have found a couple of sites which I go back to again and again as the articles are enlightening. I thought others might find them of value as well given the ongoing interventions by the government including the quasi government entity we all know and love, the Federal Reserve System. We just might be witnessing the onset of a hyperinflation in America.





The last is the link to the article mentioned in the title above. We don't get to know the actual Norwegian saying, only the rough translation which came to the author's mind because of Bernanke'sQE2 policy. It goes "peeing in your pants to keep warm." "It refers to an action that gives you a short-term benefit that pretty quickly turns into a disastrous long-term decision."

I thought Kat might add these links above to the big list.

Another couple of sites which are involved with exposing the manipulations in the precious metals markets are:



And here is a youtube video interview of Bill Murphy, the founder of GATA.

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