In case anyone is worried...

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In case anyone is worried...

We just had a glitch in the accounts and the site was off the air for about an hour. Instead of the site, a page would appear with big honking letters that stated "This Account Has Been Suspended."

Obviously the glitch is now fixed, otherwise you would not be reading this. The IPB people were even helpful in resolving the problem.

I am an enthusiastic adherent of Evan's Law of Inadequate Paranoia. I don't think I am alone, either. So if there are any others out there, you can call off the mental dogs.

It was a glitch, not an attack.



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It definitely left me wondering, "wtf did I do??" Ha!

Glad you got such quick resolution. Good tech support is hard to find ;)

~ Shane

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The suspension page sure looked ominous while it was up.

Robert Campbell

To quote a (too often) used saying,

"Just because you are paranoid, does not mean that they are not out to get you!"

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