[Atlasphere] Filming wraps up for Atlas Shrugged movie: Update from David Kelley and John Aglialoro

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David Kelley has written an article, “Atlas Shrugged Filming Wraps Up,” about the new Atlas Shrugged movie.

An excerpt:

The Hollywood press has taken a dismissive view of the project. How could an outsider hope to produce a successful film with so little time, a reported budget of $5 million, a director with limited film experience, and a cast without stars?

Offsetting those limitations, however, is the passion of the producers, cast, and crew to realize the vision of the novel. That’s why Johansson took on the challenge of directing on such short notice. (Though Atlas will be his first film, Johansson has considerable experience directing TV, with an Emmy to his credit.) Schilling was attracted to the lead roll because she loved Rand’s work, having read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Many crew members came on board at less than their usual fees just to be part of the project. As for the budget, the producers says the actual figure is at least twice the reported $5 million. And Atlas is not really a star vehicle. The power of an adaptation, and its ultimate success or failure, turn on how well it captures Rand’s narrative and its meaning. As an independent production, this adaptation has pursued that goal directly, without having to bargain with studios, stars, or screenwriters who don’t get it.

See the full article for much more.

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