Statement of Policy about Plagiary and Copyright Infringement

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Statement of Policy about Plagiary and Copyright Infringement

I have just removed a complete thread (article and discussion of “The Mind-Body Dichotomy in David Kelley’s Philosophy” posted on August 14, 2006). Kat is in full agreement with me about this.

A controversy about this developed to the point where simply acknowledging and crediting the source would not be enough. The author was contacted, agreed with the deletion and has published his apology. A copy of the thread is being sent to the posters on it so they will not lose their writing or context.

We make extra efforts to be fair when we examine a case like this. We take into account the special nature of the Internet, which has a reality that fosters the use and exchange of ideas, works, images, sounds and other intellectual material by and between people on an unprecedented scale in human history. We also recognize that each person has a specific context. We give our best efforts to provide due consideration and dialogue.

But in the end, OL cannot tolerate plagiary or copyright infringement, neither purposeful nor inadvertent. Such material will be removed regardless of the reason. Should a member insist on repeating either practice, he or she will be banned. That is our formal policy.


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