CliffNotes for Atlas Shrugged


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The CliffsNotes for Atlas Shrugged is available online here. The link goes to Chapter 1, but on the same page are links to every other chapter and more. You may find it handy in various ways -- a refresher, to look up a who, what, when, where or why. If you know somebody who hasn't read the book because it is "too long", he/she might read the chapter summaries. You may even think of more uses.

The CliffsNotes for The Fountainhead are also online here.

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So, for all you High Schoolers on a deadline with your Senior Paper, have at it! Got me through "Crime And Punishment." And I even read that whole damn thing.


You gotta wonder if the people that write Cliff's Notes go to Dante's Inferno, or maybe at least Purgatory.

Or, Heaven, in my case: I got an "A" on the paper.

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