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Mike Hansen

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First of all, hello fellow Objectivists! I've lived in Utah my whole life, so I've had very little exposure to anything other than mormons or "mystics of muscle" reactionaries to mormonism. As such, OL is the equivalent of a gold-mine. My whole life I've loved logic above all else. According to my parents, as a young kid I was notorious for asking "Why?" to imperatives like sharing or being overly nice. In one instance, as a response to my first-grade teacher telling me to share something, I said "He should get his own." Anyways, my recent discovery of Ayn Rand, Objectivism, the Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged gave me a confidence in logic which a submerged 'faith' was sabotaging. I've been smarter and happier since, and I've never been more proud of my achievements, or more encouraged to keep achieving.

I've always loved math and science, and once I figured out some specific areas of interest, I decided to major in Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah. Engineering classes are very rewarding, for they involve a difference between success and failure. There is no mercy in engineering, only justice!

Those of us in cities such as South Jordan, Utah (the ONLY city in the whole world with TWO mormon temples) appreciate what rationality we can get. Thanks!


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Hi Mike,

If I were 19 it'd be 1963. What do you intend your next 47 years to be like?

The question is not for public answering. In 1963 I first read Atlas Shrugged in a 99 cent paperback. A summer week in my sister's home in Flagstaff, Arizona on the grounds of the Museum of Northern Arizona where my brother-in-law was Curator of Anthropology and the father of Ted Danson ran the outfit.

The best advice I can give you is not not to waste a moment of your life--no, the best advice is only to waste half the moments. That is because in a lot of waste is great living and exploration. Just remember you do and do not have the luxury of time. I no longer have.

If you are a backpacker, hit the Grand Canyon. Ask me and I'll make a suggestion.


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First of all, welcome to OL.

Dig in. From the sound of it, you will enjoy yourself here.

Now for the fun part. You started the thread thus: "Hello Objectivism Online."


There exists a forum called Objectivism Online, but that's not us...



No idea why, but I thought about the Objectivism Online title when I woke up this morning. Took a few seconds to realize that Objectivism Online doesn't have OL as an abbreviation! Meh, that's what I get for not thinking before typing.


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