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Rich Engle

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Hi, All!

I take (without his advance permission, which, knowing me, he is quite used to) the opportunity of introducing our OL family to Chuck Grinell, pianist/musician extrordinaire' <--did I spell that right? too lazy yet busy for double-checking.

Chuck is, without doubt, one of the warmest, talented musicians I have ever met in my life (mine being entangled in the music business for forty years; it has at least a bit of opinion-weight). He is versatile, even a real good choir director, but as to his playing, it resembles and is every bit as distinct as pianist Bill Evans. He plays that way, with great feeling and sensitivity.

I have only played with him twice, so far. Chuck is the Director of Music at my church (Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers, Florida, ) He is an amazingly eclectic, talented player. You can see at least a little of his work via cdbaby--with equally-noteworthy flutist Kat Epple here:

It has been, even early on, clearly the most enjoyable musical experience I have ever had, working with this kind, gracious, fiercely-talented human being. Buy his record! Highly recommended! You can also send him a friend request on Facebook.


Rich Engle

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