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More Navigation Tips

  • Clicking the logo at the top left always brings you back to the main page
  • You can navigate easily within a forum by clicking the text links that are in the top left
  • You can scan a thread faster by using low-fi view (available at the bottom of the page)
  • When in a thread, click the Options button choose print (for a simplified view without avatars) or change the display mode to outline for the very basics and go only to the post you want without scrolling
  • Subscribe to a thread if you want email notification of new posts in a topic of interest
  • Use View New Posts to see recent activity. At the bottom you can choose a time period such as last day, last week, last two weeks, etc. and again, the orange flags indicate posts you have not seen.

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Unfortunately, the board does not have a function that will only show you the unread posts. The tech told me that it would be a custom programming modification.

Here are some tips and screenshots to make navigating and scanning the board for new posts a bit easier.

  • The first column has the folder icon which is color coded to show new and hot topics by color (see legend)
  • The second column is for the post icons (emoticons and symbols selected below the text entry box when posting)
  • The third column is the name of the thread (topic) and will have a small orange box if unread
  • The right column shows the last post and clicking on the words "Last post by:" this will take you there. Be careful not to click on the name of the poster, as this will take you to the poster's profile.
  • Orange flags indicate unread posts, but only work when logged in and cookie set (remember me box when you log on)
  • Clicking on the orange flag will take you straight to the first unread post in the thread

(Note: These were originally created for another thread, but I have copied them here under a more descriptive title for easier reference –Kat)

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Let's take a look at the main forum menu:

  1. Banner - Clicking the main banner heading from anywhere within the site takes you to this main forum menu
  2. Navigation menu 1 - Text links to Posting Guidelines (on the left) and Blogs, Bookstore, Help, Search, and Member lookup (on the right)
  3. Navigation Menu 2 - Access to user controls such as control panel and personal messaging
  4. Navigation Menu 3 - Tells you where you are are here: Home (portal) > Objectivist Living Forum (main forum menu) > Objectivist Living Corner Office (section) > Tech Support (forum). You can navigate up and down levels by clicking these text links.
  5. Log-in Info and Search box
  6. Category or Section Header Objectivist Living is organized into several sections: Corner Office, Objectivist Philosophy, Objectivist Living, Corners of Insight, and Outer Limits
  7. Forums and Subforums - click name to go there. Subforums may also be external links as the program does not distinquish the two
  8. Last Post Info - At a glance, you can see where and the last post was made in a forum
  9. Delete Cookies/Mark all Posts as read - These are the forum reset switches. Useful if you are having trouble logging on or orange flags not working properly to signal new posts.
  10. Board Stats - Shows what is happening, active topics, who is online and where (search engine data is only visible to site admins}
  11. Skin Picker - Where users can customize the look of the board. Low-Fi Version or PDA Skin LSteel are recommended for PDA (Blackberry/Treo, etc.) users or those with dial up or otherwise slow connections or simply who want a simple nterface.

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