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Again, sigh... my point is that this is just a nudge-nudge-wink-wink thing, Angie. Tell me how many people DO know exactly the who of this. A LOT!

Writing about your subjective experience is more than sufficient to bring it up. So I guess I was kind of shocked, myself...

Just no good to come of it, you know? Anyway, at least George got his question answered...

That's it, not a thing more will I say.

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Rich said and CNA said and

Rich said and CNA said and

blah blah blah

I have absolutely no interest in any of that. I could dredge up some internet quote from Oscar Wilde or Baudelaire or Marcus Aurelius about people who talk about ideas and people who talk about other people and people to talk about themselves... but I won't.

I have a secret life. You have a secret life. He, she, it has a secret life. We have secret lives. You plural have secret lives. They have secret lives.

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That's pretty much my point Michael. And you think YOU aren't interested. Again, DONE WITH IT. This is a tech support page, for one thing! YIKES.

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RE: Objectivist "porn." - Courtesy of the recent biographies and the scurrilous reaction from leftist websites -

I think I have had as much O'ist "porn," as I can take.

Last year, I had put my email address on the Google list to be informed of any internet references that their search engines found that mentioned "Ayn Rand," "Nathaniel Branden," and/or "Objectivism." Some interesting and worthwhile hits, but then I got buried by the leftist reactions (the content of which most of you know. And if you don't know, don't bother!) to the biogs. I recently unsubscribed to that service.

RE: being "anonymous" on OL or anywhere else on the net. First of all, the ISPs can see practically any and everything that they want about your activities - if they are so inclined, and the NSA and other federal "authorities" have legal access to anything transmitted over the net. They can and do snoop. (Of course they may also be in competition with the SEC in its recently revealed downloading of the real porn, so they may be too busy to bother!).

As for the many "anonymizing" software and services out there that claim to hide your I.P. address, read the fine print in their ironically-named "Privacy Statements," and you will see that when it comes to requests from federal or other law agencies, their subscribers "surfing" logs are readily available.

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