The Fountainhead


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Here is a surprisingly good review of The Fountainhead from just the other day.

It's by an FEE dude, Patrick Carroll.

The good part is that it has new ideas in it, making one wonder, where did that come from? :)  

Carroll is so clear in expressing them, I'll just let him do it.

What's more, the review is not mediocre, on the contrary, it is great. Nor is it aggressive or hostile as these things tend to be.

Maybe you will enjoy it.

I did for sure.

5 Counterintuitive Things I Learned Reading Ayn Rand’s ‘The Fountainhead’


Do we live in an individualistic society? Most would say yes, but Rand would likely disagree. As she writes in The Fountainhead, most people are “second-handers,” living for others and through others.


btw - Quoting the article: The Imbecile Always Smiles.


(That's me smiling. :) )

Sorry, I couldn't resist...


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