[Machan on FMNN]The End of Free Association


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by Tibor Machan

Monday, September 04, 2006

Not all of the past had been the good old days but in the matter of the right to freedom of association there had been a golden age not so very long ago. What I am referring to is how people could, for a good while, freely associate for various purposes with no one from the outside breaching their terms of association. It is in this spirit, indeed, that divorce, for example, had been legalized against the desires of various religious leaders who wanted to force couples to stay together even when neither wanted to remain married! Even in Ireland and Italy, if I am not mistaken, it is now possible to obtain a divorce, although people still need to jump some hurdles to do so. (And maybe, if they have children, some of those hurdles are reasonable -- after all, producing offspring comes with responsibilities one shouldn't be able to dodge.)

But in a different area divorce is more and more difficult to obtain. If you hire someone for a job, the

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