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Hello. January 20th is nearly ready for publication and it should be on Amazon soon. I am requesting some feedback, knowing full well that the sample is far too small, but it is what I am willing to put online at this time.

I hope some of you will give me some feedback on this paragraph from the book. It is very near the end, and part of the newly elected president's inaugural address. It concerns same-sex marriage and he says:

"Is it better to have a child adopted by a loving homosexual couple, or to live on the streets within a badly run child welfare system? Is it better to have a child adopted by a loving homosexual couple, or to live in a violent environment of two hetersexual people just because they are straight? Is this what you get from your holy books? Is this what your clergy tells you? Well, what I tell you is that it is none of your business what other people do in their own lives, and it is none of the business of pompous, self-righteous leaders spewing their putrid venom about what they say is right and wrong because they read about it in some novel!"

If you have an opinion on the message, please write it when you have the time. Not on my writing quality, but the message. If I have not yet said the words, I am not a writer, only an old man with my own message for my countrymen and women learned from book by Ayn Rand. And Barbara, if you see this note, I will value your opinion since you knew the great woman. If I knew how I would post the reworked cover, but I just cannot figure that one out.

The paragraph before this one mentions George Carlin and the invisible man in the sky routine. Good Sunday to all, and I will make an announcement when the book is on Amazon in case anyone is interested.

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