Game Day - Saints vs. Colts - the 2 top teams & 2 top QB's


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The game day story is that the emotional folks are rooting for the underdog Saints and the mythology of Katrina and the "fact" that George Bush and Chaney using their mythical neo-con powers sent the hurricane to New Orleans because they do not like black folks.

obiwan the diminished has picked the Saints.


There is an interesting video to the right where Steve Allen has Louis Armstrong on with the man who discovered and taught him.

At any rate, the Colts are favored by five (5) points. The over under is fifty seven (57 ).

New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts 6:25 pm EST -5 -110 -110 57 o-110 u-110 -5 -110 -110 56½ o-110 u-110 -6 -105 -115 56½ o-105 u-115 -6 -115 -105 57 o-110 u-110 -6 -115 -105 57½ o-105 u-115 -4 +110 -130 57 o-110 u-110

My pick is Colts 35 Saints 21 [24] The over under is the really difficult pick because of the explosiveness of the offenses.

I am not sure of the over, but I would go with it if I was going to wager.


We could run a pool with each person making a pick and putting up $5 on each bet. The winner would get $25.00 with the balance of the pool going to support this forum.


Go Colts - Where is Johnny Unitas when you really need him!

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