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Thanks Stephen:

I will be checking out the Philadelphia Cafe in February with a little luck.

I am surprised that there is nothing in New York City,


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Looks like something at Columbia.

Thanks Stephen.

Nice. Spanish Harlem and little Domineca!

Perfect. I know some good places to eat up there.


pondering which Randian type book to bring

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Many thanks. I can't believe I was too dumb, unobservant and/or lazy that I did not even see the top link!

There are three in NY. The Bell House in Brooklyn, which looks like a pretty cutting edge place and they had that global warming criminal Hanson there in December! Damn I would have loved that one..

CityUniversityNY which meets at a Japanese Restaurant so I will wear my Happy Birthday Hiroshima button.

Columbia the one you posted for me.

And four in Philly where I will be much more often!!

Thanks again.


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