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Folks, here is one of the coolest ideas I have encountered on the Internet for writing productivity. It's a free online program called:

Write or Die

It's based on the principle given on the "About Write or Die" page: "A tangible consequence is more effective than an intangible reward."

The idea is that you program a writing goal, X words during Y minutes.

A counter doing a countdown will start. If you do not attain your goal, the program will start eating your words one by one until you start writing again.

That's right. Eating them. As in delete with no undo.


What's worse. I know I'm going to use this thing.

There are no editing capabilities because the intent is to get the words down, then edit later. So it's OK to misspell, etc. You even have to copy/paste your text to another text editor to save your words. There is no "Save" button.

There's also a desktop version for sale ($10 at the time this post is written).

Whodda thunk it? Write and keep writing or watch your words being eaten by the Write-Or-Die Monster.

That ought to keep you focused.

What a cool idea!




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Just think, Michael could have written 20,000 posts here instead of 10,000 if he only had "write or die." Unfortunately, it would have killed off a number of his readers.

Seriously, what you need is something to get started, and I'm talking about words to paper, not this Internet stuff.


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I write pretty quickly if I already know a lot about a topic.

If I feel intimidated from lack of knowledge, I shut down. (I have a couple of gestating books in that category right now, but they will not remain there.)

My interest here is to be able to crank out dead-simple easy-to-research promotional articles for my Internet marketing stuff. I find a lot of that stuff boring, so I need an extra boost to keep the edge. This thing looks like it will do the trick.


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