Obama approved another 13,000 troops for Afgan "War"


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I think this qualifies as a happening. Obama has authorized sending an additional 13,000 troops to Afghanistan contrary to his professed policies during his campaign.



I put the word war in quotes in the topic title because there was never a Congressional Declaration of War as stipulated in the U.S. Constitution in Article 1 Section 8.

What good will it do if the Republicans regain seats in the Congress if they are as egregious as the Democrats in their ignorance and disregard of the meaning of the Constitution?

Our only hope is that the power of compounding continues to work as fellow citizens who are active members of the Campaign For Liberty recruit more members with the goal of growing to a number which will ensure they can elect those who will keep the oath to preserve the Constitution.

www.campaignforliberty.com 219,185

There is an article on Chris Martenson's website which elaborates on the phenomenon of exponential growth. Find it under "essential articles" scroll down to Compound Interest and cllck on Dr. Albert Bartlett Explains Compounding.


I believe the growth of membership of the C4L will demonstrate this phenomenon in the next couple of years. I have encountered other members and many have a good grasp of the direction our country is heading in including the problems in the realms of Peak oil and energy, population growth, the Federal debt and the decline of the dollar. These issues will reach asymptotic stage sooner than we may realize. Nothing Obama or his advisors are doing will solve these problems and much of what they do is just making things worse.

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"He quietly sent..." is the bullshit semantic that the state media are sending out.

Allen Drury hit a home run with the Promise of Joy


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Why put quotes about "war"? It is a real war in Afghanistan. People are being killed there every day. The war may be undeclared and it is probably illegal, but it is a war just the same.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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