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I was rummaging through some old emails recently, and ran across a brief conversation that I had forgotten about. An offlist email was sent out to number of people regarding one slimy injustice or another, and I was sufficiently ticked off as to "reply to all" and fire off a response:

"What needs to be done to rescue/revive/rebirth the value of "O'ism" from the murder of orthodoxes?"

I was surprised and happy to find a reply to the mini-list from someone I had admired as one the most productive and intelligent Rand inspired thinkers/writers around; Tibor Machan wrote:

All that's needed is for good folks, without this affliction, to keep working hard. There is no formula by which to avoid the contamination of corrupt folks. What's needed is tenacity and vigilance on the part of the decent ones.

I was struck by the stark reply, and inspired. It still gives me pause now, some two years latter, as the thorny tangle grows from its languid, pernicious source.

I hope Tibor doesn't mind me posting his words here, they have inspired me, and I hope they will others as well.


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Welcome Jessica:

What brought you to OL?

Student? Indentured servant to the state?


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