Last chance to get out of the US dollar imminent!


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I think this qualifies as a happening.

I like to think we all know that the Austrian school of economics is closest to the truth as opposed to the Alice in Wonderland Keynesian world of Ben Bernanke. Unfortunately Bernanke is in the position of power to get those printing presses rolling. It occurs to me that part of his motivation is based on the alleged fact that interest is paid to the cartel of Federal Reserve Banks for all the paper currency which they create and "lend" to the government.

It probably never occurred to him and his cronies who also share the Keynesian dogma that what he is doing is destroying the currency. Professor Antal Fekete has been warning of this as a lone voice in the wilderness for quite some time. The dollar is approaching the point where holders of gold are going to be unwilling to give up their gold for the dollar just as no amount of the Zimbabwe dollar would entice a gold hoarder to enter an exchange. You do know that the Zimbabwe dollar is now merely a collectors item. I lost track of its last denomination but it was a trillion Zimbabwe dollar note which had an expiration date right on it!

If any of you happen to have your life savings stashed away in a mattress or in a money market fund or a savings account now may be your last chance to convert it. Convert it to what?

Gold or silver would be my choice if you can find anyone willing to part with such coins or bars in exchange for your paper currency!

If you have CDs denominated in the US dollar hope that the term has expired so you can get out of them.

Here are the links:

Here is a link to a youtube interview with Professor Antal Fekete:

And here is a link to articles by the eminent mathematician and monetary theorist:

I think there is a virtual expiration date on the US dollar. I understand that in certain foreign countries you can still exchange your US dollars at a bank or airport but that the man in the street or in a store will not accept them anymore! A portend of things to come. 24 Aug 201,307, 201,397; 25 Aug 201,447


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You might like this guy, Chris Martinson:

Click on his crash course in the upper left of his webpage. He draws together inflation rates with other such activities such as rising energy, diminishing resources, and exploding population of the world.

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