The Divided Legacy of Noam Chomsky (2000)

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3 hours ago, Robert Campbell said:


I see him as a vain and hollow man first, a Leftist second.

He's always wanted to be an Emperor, to make all the people he despises admire him, and, if they can't admire him, obey him.  The hard Leftism is what he was trained up in and what proved instrumentally useful in advancing him to power.

Results are effectively the same, whichever the order is.


And his race plus white guilt--and we don't have to leave the advancers behind their curtain.


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On 3/18/2016 at 6:46 PM, Robert Campbell said:

Mao probably did kill more than than Hitler and Stalin combined.  The death toll from the Great Leap Forward is hard to estimate.

Robert Campbell

Socialism again

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