Donation time sucks

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Kat and I carry the costs for OL. We do so gladly with great satisfaction. We shall continue to do so.

There are a couple of times a year when the burden is a bit heavier, like license renewal time.

We use proprietary software, hosting integrated with IPB and a few other things to assure maximum security. Recovering from that hacker attack when we started was no joke. We intend to see that something like that never happens again. This little forum has become a precious haven and meeting place to many of us and it deserves to be secure. But that comes with a cost.

So if you can, we would greatly appreciate a donation. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of any page and click on the orange Paypal "Dontate" button. You do not even need a Paypal account.

Like I said, we shall keep on keeping on regardless of anything. This place is important and we love you all.

(Some more than others, obviously... er... some much more than others... :) )

For those who donate, many thanks from both of us. For those who don't or can't, thanks for being a part of our lives.


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Perhaps you could indicate how much a member might contribute to cover your costs. Here is a suggestion. Tabulate how many posts are made in a time interval, e.g. 6 or 12 months. Divide your costs for the same interval by the number of posts. (Maybe deduct your ad revenue from the costs.) Then a member could multiply the quotient by his/her number of posts during the same interval. Or the member could multiply by a higher number to compensate for members who don't or can't afford to contribute, or even to hope you attain a monetary profit.

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"Donation time sucks?" No, collectivism sucks. (See Ayn Rand or George Orwell for details. Or the machinations of the current President.)

Objectivist Living has played, and is currently playing, a vital role in conveying information about, and between, those of Objectivist and allied persuasions. I know of no other website that has been as valuable as OL in promoting and advancing Objectivism in a manner demonstrating consistency and integrity.

Count me in. Again.

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