Technical Problem Fixed Instantly

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I posted the following message on another thread. The reason I am reproducing it here is to set OL posters' minds at ease concerning security. It is absolutely safe to post on OL. Your work will be preserved. The redundant backup routines and overall security are fantastic with IPB. Please read below how a standard breakdown got fixed.

Technical Problem Fixed Instantly

If some of you suddenly encountered difficulty entering the forums and topics, there was a small technical problem. I know everybody is antsy because of the hacker attack, but we are sitting pretty, folks.

The Invision Power Board company only has telephone service during business hours and this problem occurred in the middle of the night. But it does have what they call a "ticket" service where you send in a written description of the technical problems. Their technicians either fix the problem or request more information. One ticket category is called "Emergency Hosting."

Here is what happened:

1. I became aware of the problem.

2. I opened an emergency ticket, stating that the board was non-functional and giving a sample of the error message. (I also included "HEEEEEELLLPPPP!!!")

3. Within LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES the problem was fixed. Not just answered. Fixed.

Here was the answer on my ticket:


This should now be fixed,


That's it? No long wait? No complicated 50 dollar words? No excuses? Dayaamm!

I pressed my luck. I wanted more info as to what happened and asked if it was serious. He answered me within about TWO MINUTES. Here was the note:


One of your mySQL tables was corrupted,

I've repaired the table and this shouldn't happen again,


Folks, all forums have glitches at times. No exceptions. But if this is the way we are going to have trouble, this is no trouble at all. This is heaven compared to the recent hell Kat and I went through.

I think I will sleep well tonight.


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