Ayn Rand related images from around the web

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Ayn Rand related images from around the web

I was looking up images for something else entirely and had to test a new resource (ixquick), so I typed in "Ayn Rand." A few interesting images popped up and caught my eye, then one thing led to another and I ended up looking up a lot of Rand images. Here is a small selection of the most interesting ones. Note that there is no real theme here, not even quality (which is all over the place), except for being related to how Rand has impacted these different people.

First here is some art works based on Ayn Rand

Rand portrait by unknown artist

This can be seen in several places on the web (here, here and here, for instance). I think it is a bit strange, but there it is.


"Ayn Rand" - by Yoyita

(oil painting)

Another strange portrait of Rand (from here). This artist specializes in celebrities and all of them are like this.


"Ayn Rand" - by Jan Vasa

oil painting (2001)

I don't care for this one either (from here), but it is definitely a painting.


"Ayn Rand Totally Has A Po$$e"

by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid on Flickr (from here)

This looks like something amateurish by a young person, but it is kind of cool.


Drawing on a German site

This is an illustration of Rand (from here) on a German site giving an English language course of all things.


Rand caricature

This is a quirky but interesting caricature of Rand bowling with the world as a bowling ball. It is from the Patriot's Notebook site, an artcle by Hans K. Jones. "On Patriots - Surviving the Coming Collapse" (from here).


Now for some Ayn Rand quotes.

Ballet dancer with Rand quote on it

This was posted by by Psychomike on Civildefense blog on September 15, 2007 (from here). The abridged quote is from The Fountainhead and I have placed it under the photo for easier reading.


"Just one figure... The human spirit. The heroic in man. The aspiration and the

fulfillment, both. Uplifted in its quest—and uplifting by its own essence. Seeking

God—and finding itself. Showing that there is no higher reach beyond its own

form." —Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Rand's quote at Disney

Giuseppe M. Grillo on Flickr (from here).



This is one of my favorites because it is so quirky. It is from the "journal of a nomad" blog of Rachel Jonas. You can see the post of December 22, 2007 here. The Rand quote under the dog's picture (which is how it is in the blog post) is from We the Living.


“People create their own questions because they are afraid to look straight.

All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don’t

sit looking at it- walk.” –Ayn Rand

Now for some different stuff, and some of it is really different. It's interesting to think about how Rand affects people differently. The manifestations are really striking in their variety.

Ayn Rand fan

This is from the quirkiest site on Rand in existence (from here). It speaks for itself.


Bumper sticker being sold on Cafe Press

Rand's full name is not used probably for copyright reasons. It's interesting to see this creativity in our small entrepreneur (from here).


Galt's Gultch

This is from a Republican blog that was viciously attacked by hackers. The image is still up (see here), but the site has not been reconstructed.


Pearl necklace

Believe it or not, someone is selling a pearl necklace called "Ayn Rand" (see here).


Rand-Spiderman comic by Dave Sim

This is posted on Craig Johnson's blog, Comics Village (from here). People who like Rand will probably not like this too much. But it is quite creative, so it caught my eye.


Ayn Rand Astro Natal Chart

How about Ayn Rand in the Age of Aquarius? Here is the planetary and star alignment chart for her birth (from here).


And on that celestial note, that's all folks!


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Michael; Thanks so much.

I have seen the Disney quote at Disney World. Is there any information on how and why it was selected. They apparently met. Apparently there was talk of his doing a cartoon version of Anthem.

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