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Having your own corner at Objectivist Living is recognition well-deserved. You have done great work and The New Individualist is fantastic. You are one of the good guys of Objectivism. Thanks for carrying the banner well and resolutely.

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It is apparent to us that the success of the direction that Robert has taken the magazine is reflected in our subscriptions and website statistics. Paid subscriptions increased by 40% in one and a half months! Interest in the magazine, measured by a substantial increase in free issue requests, also increased markedly. Web site hits have increased by almost 35% in 2006. The magazine is clearly raising the visibility of Ayn Rand, Objectivism and our perspective.

That quote is from The Objectivist Center's member newsletter which has article praising Robert's work with the New Individualist.

Great job, Robert! You are making a real difference.


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