Finding and Using Flickr Images

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Even thought the following link is about images, Internet writing can be greatly enhanced with images. Here is a way to find ones you can easily search for, use, and the copyright issues involved.

A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images


Here is the basic advice: First go to the Flickr Creative Commons page. Choose which license you want to use and click on the phrase "see more" beside the number of photos given. This will take you to a new page.

The license you will most likely choose is the "Attribution License." This means you can modify and use the image all you want, but you have to link back to the author's profile. (You can find what each license means in the article linked above.)

Now here's the good part. On the page you have arrived at:

1. Enter the keyword or phrase you are targeting and click "Search." This will return a group of results.

2. These results might be good, but they will not be the best. Then you need to click on the "most interesting" link above the thumbnails. If you have chosen a pretty generic term, you will get loads of extremely high-quality images you can use.

This is a great tool for enhancing your writing if you are a blogger, or even for making YouTube videos.


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