What's the difference?

Alfonso Jones

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So, what's the difference between a pirate and a community organizer?

Quality of the press agent/spin doctor?

Bill P

Corporate America has kept hope alive for Jesse Jackson. The Windy City preacher has solicited major companies to support the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and five other nonprofits he heads. CEOs have obliged--and how. According to a new study by Patrick J. Reilly for the Capitol Research Center in Washington, D.C., Jackson's web of organizations snagged $17 million in receipts last year, nearly all from firms and foundations.


Geoff Metcalf: "Shakedown" is an amazing piece of work. You so clearly demonstrate that Jesse Jackson is a ubiquitous and chronic liar about big things, little things, anything.

Kenneth Timmerman: He is a compulsive liar – a bit like Clinton.


This isn’t the first time Jackson has gone after a big business, typically claiming poor minority hiring practices by the business until the “offending” company caves in and comes up with cash for some of PUSH’s pet projects.


The sit-in provided an irresistible photo opportunity. Gov. Rod Blagojevich showed up before his indictment for corruption, as did both Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., ``Senate Candidate No. 5'' in the Blagojevich ``Senate sale'' case.


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