Online Literature by Robert Bidinotto

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Online Literature by Robert Bidinotto


Ayn Rand Lives! (Comments on William F. Buckley’s 1982 obituary of Rand and her cultural influence.)

Brava Madeleine! (Eulogy for the individualist “Renaissance woman,” Madeleine Pelner Cosman.)

Cartoon Journalists (Discussion of freedom of speech and the Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Muhammad that cause worldwide controversy. The New Individualist article.)

Celebrity Rand Fans (What movie stars and other celebrities now think of Ayn Rand. The New Individualist article.)

Death by Environmentalism (Discussion of some of the deadly impacts on human life of environmentalism: highlighting the heat wave deaths in France, highway deaths and Corporate Average Fuel Economy ratings – CAFÉ standards, the DDT ban and the resurgence of malaria, and the assault on food production and biotechnology.)

The Mohammad Cartoons: High Noon for Free Speech (Criticism of Borders Books for cowardice for announcing it was banishing the magazine Free Inquiry from its shelves because it contained the Danish newspaper cartoons of Muhammad, with comparison to the film, High Noon. The New Individualist article.)

The Life-Centered Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson (Inspiring details about Thomas Jefferson.) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.)

Roger Donway: A Salute (Tribute to the editor of the forerunners of The New Individualist, Roger Donway. TNI article.)

Romanticism in Everyday Life (Talk given at 1998 IOS Summer Seminar in Boulder, Colerado on Rand’s romantic view of life and how to cultivate it. Html introduction with pdf link to go to full article.) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.)

Articles about Rand’s fiction

Understanding the Major Characters of The Fountainhead

Atlas Shrugged as Literature

The Revolutionary Philosophy of Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged: The Cast Of Characters

Atlas Shrugged Plot Synopsis

Atlas Shrugged Timeline

Articles about the Objectivist movement

Facts, Values and Moral Sanctions: An Open Letter To Objectivists (Discussion of Leonard Peikoff's essay, "Fact and Value," and of companion essays by Peter Schwartz, "On Moral Sanctions," and "On Sanctioning the Sanctioners." 1989) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.)

Understanding Peikoff (Interpretation of the reasons for Leonard Peikoff's evolving perspectives on the issues raised in "Facts, Values and Moral Sanctions: An Open Letter To Objectivists." 1994) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.)

Rand Versus Peikoff (Other ways in which Peikoff's views diverge from those of his mentor, Ayn Rand. 1994) (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.)

The Anatomy of Cooperation (Talk given at 2006 TAS Summer Seminar in Orange, California on how the misapplication of the virtue of integrity impedes cooperation in general with Objectivists, both within the Objectivist community and with others.)

Book Reviews

A Glimpse of the Early Ayn Rand - Ayn Rand, The Early Ayn Rand (compiled and edited by Leonard Peikoff)

David and Leviathan - David Boaz, Libertarianism: A Primer

William F. Buckley, Jr.'s "Getting it Right" (original title of review: "Getting it Wrong") - William F. Buckley, Jr., Getting It Right

Book Review: On the Shoulders of a Giant - Erika Holzer, Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher

Motion Pictures

Life & Liberty: Ayn Rand Rediscovered (a review of the film version of We the Living)

One Hundred Film Classics

The Ten Best Films, Objectively Speaking

Blogs and Sites

Bidinotto Blog (former blog that got deleted in the January, 2009 Journalspace fiasco when a disgruntled employee wiped the service's data banks clean--the link here goes to a 2008 Wayback machine snapshot).

Robert Bidinotto (current Blogspot blog).

Robert Bidinotto: The Vigilante Author

Robert the Writer (Note from MSK - Link at Wayback Machine.)

Robert Bidinotto (Facebook)

Lists of Links to Online Literature

On his Journalspace blog, Robert had oodles of links to his blog entries. There were well over 450 entries. The main categories were:

  • Art, Culture, Philosophy
  • Anarchism vs. Limited Government
  • Crime and Law
  • Environmentalism and “Animal Rights”
  • Foreign Policy and National Defense
  • Personal, Humor, and Miscellaneous
  • Politics
    (blog is gone,but not forgotten and hopefully will find a new home so I'm leaving this up for now - kat)

On the site, there are lists of online writings at Environmental News and Commentary, Writings and Talks on Environmentalism and Commentary by Robert Bidinotto, and News about Be sure to read Robert’s Environmentalism or Individualism? (formerly called "My Manifesto"). 

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  • 2 years later...

Unfortunately, the Bidinotto blog is no more. His host, Journalspace, went down and all the posts are gone. Rather than having hundreds of links going to a page that says "Hello World" I have removed the links to the blog and took out the rss feeds that had no comments.

Hopefully, he will start blogging again, but for now he freelancing as Robert the Writer. Econot is still up and he has written in the Atlasphere also.


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  • 1 year later...

I can always count on the "Experienced Objectivists" to provide super-helpful information.

Thank You.

Mary Lee Harsha

Robert Bidinotto has a long post on the blog Big Government. about some memorial to Teddy Kennedy.

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Anoop Verma alerted me to all the broken links in the opening post.

Whew! Almost all of them were broken due to The Atlas Society changing over from The Objectivist Center. When TAS made the new site, they apparently botched the task of keeping their old links valid by redirecting them (or, worse, disregarded the task and left their readers and supporters in the lurch).

Oddly enough, many of the headlines of Robert's articles had changed over the years. I don't know if he did that or they did--or why, but this made some of the articles very hard to find. Fortunately, I found them all and even found his old Journalspace blog on the Wayback Machine. He may not be able to recover everything, but he will be able to recover a lot over there.

Many thanks, Mr. Verma!



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