Introducing the David Kelley Corner

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Introducing the David Kelley Corner

I just returned from the 2006 Summer Seminar of The Atlas Society and its Objectivist Center held at Chapman University in Orange County, California. Before going, I had already read some of David Kelley’s stuff, but I was not completely aware of how deeply it resonated in my own view of Objectivism. I had only suspected it. Now that I have seen him and the organization he founded up close, my respect and enthusiasm have grown vastly.

I remember reading Kelley’s outline of the John Galt speech a while ago. It was something I had wanted to do for the longest time for my own understanding. Then, one day while surfing the Internet, I came across Kelley’s outline. I loved the idea that someone else had already done it—and done it well. It is a wonderful way for the average person to be able to get through Galt’s speech without fudging. I strongly believe this outline should be read widely, even by learned Objectivists.

I want to help make Kelley more reader-friendly for normal people. As a professional philosopher, teacher and writer, he has the reputation of being an academic. Thus his work comes with a built-in highbrow factor for the general public. The idea behind this Corner is to discuss his work from the general public’s view in addition to that of scholars. Also, over time, I and others on OL intend to compile a lot of easily accessible information on all things Kelley.

I do hope you enjoy getting to know more about this remarkable man and his work. As the saying goes, “Try it. You’ll like it.”


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