Selling Modern Art

Michael Stuart Kelly

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Selling Modern Art

I just caught this idea on another forum (one devoted to the underbelly and dark side of Internet marketing). It cracked me up so much I am posting it here.

Here is how to make a butt load of money with modern art in a relatively short amount of time.

Get a canvas and paint any old thing on it that looks "modernish." The more outlandish, the better.

Make up a colorful sounding name for the "artist." (French words are great for this. Ruby Abattoir LaFevre, etc.)

Set up 10 or more blogs and websites (using aliases) singing the glories of this artist, including an "official" LaFevre site. Make sure to include Facebook and MySpace sites. Give him a colorful bio and mention previous sales for high amounts in the tens of thousands of dollars. Include quotes from articles from made-up critics. Make sure to emphasize how "famous" this artist is.

If you want to go all out, take a picture of your painting and Photoshop some variations to present more examples of LaFevre's work. Make up places where these "artworks" are on display. And find some public domain photos and Photoshop them for pictures of the "artist."

Write some articles for article marketing and do SEO work to promote the sites.

After the buzz has started, put your masterpiece on eBay for auction. When people Google the artist before bidding, they will come across your sites.

Try to get about half the amount that is given for the "previous sales" so people will be sure to get a bargain. Then simply deliver the painting.


Tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket and a satisfied connoisseur with a masterpiece proudly hanging on his wall. (Make sure to shut everything down after the sale, though.)


(I'm still laughing...)

I have to admit, this would be a lot harder to do with realism.


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