IOUSA to be aired on CNN this weekend twice w discussion

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Here is the link to the IOUSA website:

I gather this movie has been playing in select theaters. I have not seen it. I haven't watched the trailer yet either but intend to if I have the time.

My impression is that it attempts to draw attention to the misconduct of the government in driving this country deeply into the debt ditch. Now the same characters who have demonstrated that they can't keep the train on the rails assure us that they know how to get the country back on the tracks.

If enough ordinary people can take their eyes off the football games long enough to pay attention perhaps they will wake up the the fact that the Emperor has no clothes.

It is one thing to know that something is wrong and quite another to know what needs to be done about it. membership 7 Dec 98463 and growing each day at the rate currently of about another 1000 every couple of weeks.


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