Help identifying a painting please?


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Hi there, i`m searching for a painting i had a copy of when younger and would now like to see on my wall again, but despite many nights of searching the internet etc i have been unable to find it, so i`d appreciate any suggestions you may have here please.

The painting is i believe pre-raphaelite - though i could be mistaken, it`s a long time ago - and shows a crusader kneeling in anguish after sacrificing his daughter to God. I believe there was a story behind it too and that the crusader had made some deal with God in which he promised to sacrifice the first living thing he saw on returning home.

There is also another painting i saw a few years ago in the Louvre of a professor in his study, crumpled notes thrown all over the floor, that i would really love to get a print of - the artist had captured the lighting so well it really looked like you could step right into the frame :)

Any suggestions as to the name of either of these paintings would be dearly appreciated please, or if not then i`m happy to hear recommendations from other art lovers. Thanks in advance,


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Probably the story of Jephta. I know only two paintings, one by Johann Georg Platzer and one by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, but they don't correspond to your description, they show the fatal moment that Jephta is met by his daughter. Oh, I see there is also a version by Doré, but that dates of course from the Romantic era.

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