The Incredible Hulk

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I saw The Incredible Hulk last weekend and recommend it! It has a good story with a very strong libertarian theme to it. Bruce banner is being pursued by a corrupt officer of the U.S. Army who wants to replicate his genes to create a race of super warriors.

The acting and special effects are great too!

I am also told it is by far much better than the original Hulk movie that came out in 2003. Unfortunately, it is not doing as well at the box office and may bomb like the first movie did.

None the less, The Incredible Hulk is definitely worth the ticket price and seeing in theaters!

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The 2003 Hulk movie had its moments, but most people didn't care for its rejiging the Hulk backstore.

The new movie has tie-ins with the Hulk tv show. It also has tie-ins with Marvel back history (hints to Captain America) , and possible future movies (we met the future Leader and Doc Sampson, and tie-in with future Avengers movie).

This is amoung the better of the Marvel movies.

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