Efficient Thinking by Barbara Branden - Dallas, TX

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The Culture of Reason Center, Dallas, Texas



CD Audio Lectures

by Barbara Branden

Efficient Thinking is being offered with the written consent of Barbara Branden.

Friday August 22nd through January 23rd, 2008. (All Lectures begin at 7:00 p.m.)

Admission: $5.00 per class. All payments are non-refundable. Each payment is due on the day of class. In the event of inclement weather or an emergency, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule. Lectures are for adults only. Children are not permitted on the premises. Participants are expected to make childcare arrangements. Thank you.

For location address and or any further questions, please call 214-263-2002 or Email: cultureofreasoncenter@gmail.com

This course will run weekly on Friday evenings at 7:00 pm beginning August 22nd 2008

This course includes discussions on the following issues: Why a science of thinking is necessary — the relation between efficient thinking and intelligence — the philosophical base of efficient thinking — the nature of intellectual focusing — the various levels of focusing — the problem of concentration — the nature of the subconscious — the subconscious as a "Univac" — the proper use of the subconscious — the psychology of "inspiration" — the effect of repression on thinking. The nature of the conceptual level of consciousness — the nature of intelligence — the destroyers of intelligence — thinking in essentials — the destructiveness of treating emotions as tools of cognition — the manner in which wishes and fears can distort the thinking process — "emotional-perceptual" thinking. The importance of knowing the source and validation of one's concepts — the role of integration in thinking — forms of the failure of integration — evasion as the sabotaging of consciousness — common aberrations in thinking and consequent mental habits — the inability to think in principles — the misuse of abstractions — the "socialized consciousness" and the destruction of language — failures of discrimination in thinking — the error of intellectual "package-dealing" — the danger of false axioms. Psychological causes of inefficient thinking: the surrender of the will to efficacy; failure of self-esteem; the "malevolent universe" premise; "social metaphysics" — the source and conditions of intellectual certainty.

August 22nd An Introduction to Thinking (50:15)

August 29th An Introduction to Thinking Part 2 (50:54)

September 5th Focusing and Problem Solving (49:30)

September 12th Focusing and Problem Solving Part 2(45:50)

September 19th Automatic Mind Functions (49:50)

September 26th Automatic Mind Functions Part 2 (46:50)

October 3rd Conceptual Level of Consciousness (47:09)

October 10th Conceptual Level of Consciousness Part 2 (46:15)

October 17th Conceptual Level of Consciousness Part 3 (49:10)

October 24th Conceptual Level of Consciousness Part 4 (48:00)

November 7th Emotions As Tools of Cognition (50:50)

November 14th Emotions As Tools of Cognition Part 2 (49:58)

November 21st Language and Definitions (50:00)

December 5th Language and Definitions Part 2 (46:20)

December 12th Common Aberrations in Thinking (50:07)

December 19th Common Aberrations in Thinking Part 2 (45:35)

January 9th The Fallacy of The Stolen Concept (68:39)

January 16th Causes of Inefficient Thinking (53:00)

January 23rd Causes of Inefficient Thinking Part 2 (45:00)

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Samples of Barbara Branden's Efficient Thinking lecture series are now available on the CRC website. Barbara Branden has given me written permission to host samples. Please enjoy!


Edited by Donovan A.
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The Culture of Reason Center now has a facebook group. If you live in the DFW area and would like to keep up with our most current events and study sessions please feel free to join: CRC Facebook

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I just wanted to make a comment regarding CRC - I have had the pleasure of attending CRC twice so far (unfortunately only once when Barbara's lectures were being offered) and I have enjoyed them very much. My husband has attended one lecture so far, and found it very enjoyable and well worth our time as well.

I just wanted to pipe up and say that Donovan is doing an amazing job of promoting Objectivism in the Dallas TX area.

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