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Note from Administrator: The information in this thread was for the old domain and/or phpp forum software, but it is still mostly valid for the present program (Invision Power Board).

Linking in this online community is a bit different than what I got accustomed to in the old neighborhood. It is easy enough to highlight over text and click that URL button at the end which will create a link. But that is assuming that what you tagged was an internet address.

The more challenging part is to have a link in the middle of the text where you want it to read normally. I was trying to make links using html tags and the tag text was showing up in the message. Inky told me that the forum uses BBCode. The code is slightly different and it uses square brackets ([...]) instead of the angle brackets (<...>) and a url tag rather than a href. BBCode is completely new to me. Anyhoo, this is how you create text links.


Welcome to Objectivist Living

I am adding a dash within the first tag so you can easily see how the code looks. The correct tag is not [-url]

[-url=http://url]Objectivist Living

The keyboard shortcut for the tag is alt-w

Placing images works in a similar fashion and the shortcut is alt-p. Again, please remove the first dash. so the program reads it as code.


I hope this helps. If anyone knows anything about BBCode and how we can make this site work better please let us know. Thanks.


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