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By way of introduction - I am Cindy. I live in Los Angeles where I am a creative/marketing director. Since I first read Ayn Rand's work 25 years ago I never doubted that it was entirely congruent with my own perception of reality. However, until recently, I never felt the inclination to connect with other similar individuals. Then, while re-reading Atlas Shrugged I found myself trying to name a single person that i knew that actually was trying to live in an objectivist manner. I couldn't think of any - so I thought it was time to go looking!!


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Hi, Cindy, and welcome to O-L!

I live a bit southeast of you in Orange County, and I attend Objectivist functions down here, as well as up in the Sherman Oaks area, where the Los Angeles Objectivist Network meets each month. This group has a Yahoo discussion group page, mostly for announcements. If you join up (no cost to you), you will get monthly notices of meetings you might wish to attend.

Also, we try to keep current with announcements of ARI functions, such as lectures, usually held in Irvine or Costa Mesa.

So, come on in, the water's fine!


P.S. (added on 6/6 -- Jeez, I'm sorry for not mentioning The Objectivist Center's Summer Seminar, right here in sunny Orange, California the first week in July! Sorry, Ed! See the link below in Ed's post.)

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I realized that it's been some time since i checked this board. I'm not much of an on-line posting person and recently had a number of unexpected things happen that required a large amount of my attention.

I'd love to hear more about the group that meets in Sherman Oaks as that's right around the corner from me. I'll probably be quiet for a while and just observe since this is my first foray into this realm.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you better as well as learning a lot.


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