Romantic Music Is Objectively Superior


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If it were only popularity, why do shoppers buy more supermarket products with some kinds of music than with another?

And even on the basis of popularity, I believe the attraction of a piece of music is based on the way the mind works since coercion and biological necessity are not involved.

Obviously this is not the whole story of "meaning, content, expressiveness, etc." as you stated, but it is the start of the same.

One caveat to that is that there are other factors at work that cause the popularity of a musical work like social proof (one of Ciuldini's principles of persuasion), bombardment over the media, etc., but the factor of attractiveness to the human mind, with a high position on the normative range of importance (which implies a valued meaning), has to be there for a song (or other musical work) to endure through the ages.

Though I walk through the meat department with my head held high

And am not afraid of the pork!

The high prices are driving me to a consumptive diet

And that's much better than a food riot!

Walk on! Walk on! Walk on!


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It's been more than a decade now since Pigero tried to demonstrate the "objective" superiority of his tastes in music. When his lame little piece was criticized, and ridiculed, he had claimed that it was just a skeleton upon which he would be applying serious scholarly flesh. Alas, after these ten-plus years, no flesh has been added.

Heres my stroll down memory lane (this content was also cross-posted to Solopassion several times, but Pigero dodged and evaded it, and never addressed any of the substance):

Damn, what an ass-kicking I dished out!


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