God: The Failed Hypothesis

Mike Renzulli

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Hey Everyone,

Those of you who are interested, I just finished reading (what I consider to be) the best of the recent books on atheism in print.

Its called God: The Failed Hypothesis authored by Victor Stenger who is a physicist with the University of Hawaii. Essentially, what Dr. Stenger does is subjects the claims about God to the scientific/peer review method and demonstrates how God doesn't exist based on the evidence people point to for the deity's existence and how the claims don't stand up to true scrutiny.

He also does the same for other paranormal phenomenon (like psychics). While Dawkins said the existence of God is "very highly unlikely", Stenger gives a definite NO.

Stenger also makes some good, non-scientific arguments against the existence of God too that I hadn't thought of.

If you are agnostic, have questions about the existence of God or think he/she/it exists, I doubt you can hold off on being an atheist anymore after reading this excellent book.

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