Sex, Laws and...'Minors'

John Dailey

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Good for you. Mine's a specific yes-or-no question. If I'd go for yes, I can't think of a valid reason why... just that punishing an 18-19 yr old for having relations with a 17 yr old seems ridiculous. It's hard to justify at what point the age gap is too much passed 18, etc.

I think it would be more practical/effective to just lower the legal age.

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~ You specify "...where force is not involved..." [my italics] as to what "...should carry a higher penalty." --- Really? You sure you didn't mean the contradictory of that? I would think that the presence of 'force' would add, not detract from any (if such) legal penalty.

~ Whichever, this doesn't touch my question; it merely alludes to the necessity of my question getting an 'answer': "...higher...'' than, well, WHAT? -- What should the base-'penalty' be (sigh: if any), for whom of the 'legal-minors' (need I stress, in NON-FORCED sexual-interactions?), and most especially...W-H-Y that for her/him?



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